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October 24 2011

Can someone tell me why my tomato plants look so GREAT when they know the frost is coming? lol...I have more blooms on them now than during the summer!  For those of you with Green Tomatoes you need to use, there are some cool recipes out there.  Google for Green Tomato Cake, Green Tomato Salsa, Baked Green Tomatoes (Very yummy! A big hit at my house!!)....many more! Don't waste those tomatoes, you can make relish or even blanch and freeze them just as you would red tomatoes!

Enjoy your day!  debbie :)


Row Covers

Two things. One is Row Covers. They are great.....may have to put them back on if it heats up lettuces don't like the heat!  Number Two is Beetles! Someone said they are "Kudzu" beetles....will they bother the garden I wonder? I've heard reports of them eating kudzu, wisteria, and other similar one has said they eat crops....hope not because they are all over the place the past few days. Not being familiar with this type of bug, i am unsure what to do....maybe i'll just use the row covers!  Anybody have any ideas please comment...thanks!  debbie :)



My first salad from the fall crop that was COMPLETELY from my garden! (except of course for Newman's Own Vinaigrette!)  The sprinkling of nuts (Georgia pecans) even came from my yard! There was: arugula, purple cabbage, romaine lettuce, spinich, swiss chard, turnip greens, kale, and collard greens - eight tasty greens chopped and tossed together, with CHERRY TOMATOES from my garden, as well.  Wow!  So cool to be able to go outside and "forage" for lunch! LOL!  Next time I will try to remember to take a picture of  We (including Grandson Tommy) are going to Cagles Family Farm in Canton, GA tomorrow, and expect to have a great time! I hope Everyone has a glorious Fall Weekend!  debbie :)



Another cool, sunny day! Got more bulbs to put in the ground later today, mostly flowers again. You don't know how many you have until you dig up your yard and move! lol  Have a great day everyone! :)

Friday Oct. 7 2011

It's gonna be another beautiful fall weekend in North Georgia! I plan to hit a fall festival with my grandson tomorrow, then work on putting some more bulbs in the ground...daffodil, tulip, crocus, star of david, and the like....all of these were brought from Marietta in the move and I never got around to putting them in the ground at the new place.  However, I did finally get all the garlic planted, and some is already poking up! I've also been bringing some plants in, a few at a time - in anticipation of cooler weather to come! I don't want to be caught having to do them all at the last minute as I have in the past! And, it's so much nicer to have some organization! (I'm not good at that most of the time :) ) Everyone have a wonderful weekend!  debbie

Good Morning!

Good morning, all, what a brisk morning it is here in Dallas, Georgia! My outside thermometer tells me 60 degrees, and the inside is 64! Might be time to get the furnace  Uncovered the broccoli, cabbage and lettuce this morning - hopefully can start leaving off the row covers. Took some photos this morning of the plants, and am trying to figure out how to upload on the blog....any advice would be MUCH appreciated! UNTIL THEN check out my facebook page, debbiesgarden

Everyone have a great day! deb

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