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Holidays are approaching...

Hope everyone is getting ready for the Christmas season.... not as many decorations this year for me. When it's just me, I get to put them all up and take them all I decided to make less work for myself! Instead I am spending my time making things for Christmas presents! Hoping they will be admired and kept, and not discarded..... hopefully people are starting to realize there is more to life than buying and throwing away....that we should make things last as long as we can, and take care of what we do have.  It's too easy to fall into the trap of believing I can "just buy a new one".  Enough on that.  Praying for some rain, for some reason these past couple of years there just hasn't been enough of it. Need to get out the hose and water the Kale and spinich and collards this weekend, and all my potted herbs....this morning i've been drying some St.Johns Wort and Horehound, two very popular herbs in the winter.  If you are in need of these two herbs for tea, i have them in my store in limited supply.  Hope everyone has a good day, Happy Friday! :)   debbie
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