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Taters and 'maters and peppers, oh my!

Happy Friday everyone! I planted some red potatoes over last weekend and hope to get the rest in the ground this weekend. Supposed to be rainy here in Georgia but.... hoping for a break! Also have some seedling tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, as well as basil, under the grow lamp.  All doing well so far.  Need to get out my seed catalog, i don't need much but i do need some fennel seed... I love to grow it not only to use in cooking, but for the caterpillars! You can see some pics from a year or two ago that I have posted on FB... the caterpillars are beautiful and they become butterflies in the end!  Dreaming of spring - It's almost here!  Stay warm and dry wherever you are if you can, and have a great weekend!  debbie


How's your weather?

Hoping for some good weather..... need to get outside and play in the dirt!! (Mud is no!!!)  Everyone have an AWESOME weekend and get outside and get your Vitamin D! Hoping to report back what is blooming.... check out my facebook page to see what was blooming for me Valentines Day..... :)


Hoping for some Asparagus this year, it's the second season after planting two-year old crowns last year... I just saw a video on growing asparagus, and realize I didn't quite do it "right" when planting. However, I did have shoots last year, i just let them go to seed as I had been told to do.  Soooo we shall see....wish me lots of Asparagus!  :) 


I think it's on its way. Despite all the cold frosty weather north of us here in Georgia, it's in the air. Some mornings I can almost feel it.  The clover patches are getting greener. The kale and spinich are gaining on each other. SPRING IS COMING!!  Don't ever think it won't. It always shows up! Gray skies now, mean more rain for the earth to reproduce. Waiting for sunny skies and warm temps myself. You?   Have a most peaceful day and keep dreaming of spring!
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