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Garlic is IN the ground! I can't wait to see those little shoots coming up. I've never grown elephant garlic before, hope mine is HUGE! I planted shallots, red garlic, and a white garlic, as well.  Wish i could remember the varieties without having to look them up...sigh. My love for garlic has grown over the years to the point if can barely stand to use garlic powder or dried garlic anymore. Garlic is good for you, too, as it helps boost the immune system, and kills lots of germs.  I am not one to get sick often, and attribute it to the garlic consumption, among other things, like running when I hear someone is sick....haha!  Everyone have a blessed day and don't forget to eat your garlic! :)  debbie
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I agree 1000%.Now the side effects of GARLIC has been as follows:Hard to find a girlfriend ,at least speaking for myself:)

Posted by tony on September 27, 2011 at 03:58 PM EDT #

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