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Spring - a Time for Renewal

Ahhhhhh finally, spring is in full force!  Yesterday I saw my first hummingbird of the year! And this morning, ate my first, sweet sweet strawberry right off the vine, as well as sampled some lettuces and arugula! What a beautiful time of the year. I give thanks to God to have a new day, a new spring! The green beans and peas are pushing through the earth, to begin their climb toward the heavenlies....and the HERBS, they are stretching to the sky as well! Feeling quite a bit grateful this morning - hope all of you have a lovely, productive day!  debbie  

Good Friday

Well i am taking a break, it's been a good "planting day" - Happy Good Friday, all! I managed to plant some baby lima beans (2 varieties-i love baby limas!) Planted some okra that i soaked the seed all night so hopefully it will be up in a few days. Planted some cucumbers, Marketmore is the variety. Also so marigolds (white) and zinnias (dwarf), and some chamomile. Oh...and some soy beans too, just for fun, and nasturtiums among them all!  :-)  Cleared some more ground, raked some's not easy work some days...thinking about hiring my son some Saturday soon to help do some more clearing. We'll see....! Also set out some Better Boy tomatoes and planted basil in with it....last year i did that, as suggested, and it did seem to make the tomatoes produce more! Amazing! I am also getting ready for my plant sale next weekend, at Point of Need Ministries on Canton Road (APRIL 18, SEE MY LH PAGE AND MY FACEBOOK)....hopefully I will have everything ready! I have a load of perennials: Gardenia, butterfly bush, rosemary, irises, coreopsis, to name a few....some annuals, too! Marigolds, sundrops....and herbs (basil, chamomile, thyme, oregano, tarragon, parsley, cilantro, dill, sage, evening primrose, purple cone flower /echinacea).....I could go on, but I won' yea I've been a bit busy lately! Keeps me out of trouble...haha....everyone have a grand day!  debbie

Been Plantin'!!

The rain has cleared out for a while, and I managed to catch enough rainwater to water for a while if necessary. When the sun came out this afternoon, I knew I had to get in the garden and plant! I planted some squash seedlings (mixed varieties), and some Better Boy Tomatoes and Sweet Banana Peppers i couldn't resist buying even though i have my own seedlings! We'll see whose do better, theirs or mine! Theirs are a bit more mature, and I can never stand the wait to get a fresh tomato or banana pepper! I also planted some Kentucky Wonder pole beans, and some MORNING GLORIES to round things off. And another thing, the gloves never stay on, does anyone else have that problem?! I love the feel of the soil.....the only thing I regret is having to dig the dirt out from under the nails! LOL! More later, happy gardening!

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