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When Will This Cold Be Gone????

It's still cold. Brr. Someone please tell me it's going to be warm this weekend? I can't handle much more.....I want to be out in the garden...with the sun beaming down on me, warming my soul. Just saying that made me feel better :-)  Dreams of sunshine and the smell of dirt!! Have a blessed day everyone!


HAPPY MONDAY! Ok who brought the cold back?  Brrrr.... well it could be worse I least no frost has hit! I have too many plants going for that to happen, so I'll keep praying it doesn't freeze!  And the rain we are having is good for helping everything sprout up....everyone have a good week! Stay warm!   debbie :-)


It is currently 52 degrees in Marietta, GA as i write this blog. However, it will supposedly be going down to below freezing tonite and tomorrow night!!  Have to go cover the squash with frost cloth this evening, and bring the tomatoes and peppers (in pots) back into the greenhouse...i put everything else that needed protection in yesterday afternoon. What a chore that was! Can warm weather just come and stay? I saw my first hummingbird Saturday afternoon, flitting around the baskets of impatiens....which reminds me i need to bring those in, too, i guess!  Guess i will hunker down for the next few days and stay warm....knowing that by Good Friday it will be in the seventies again! Everyone have a blessed day!  debbie


Good Morning! I am trying to be cheerful on this again rainey, damp, cold morning in Marietta, GA! I know it is spring, it feels like spring...but i can't get to the gardens...too much muck! I am praying the weekend will bring sunshine and warmer days. I have too much to do! This weekend, if all goes as planned, i will put in some more beans, possibly lima beans, in my newly rejuvenated raised beds. I will plant caladium bulbs in pots...i will ready my herbal seedlings and flower starts for transplanting into bigger pots for the plant sale on the 18th. I will dig up the yard (!) dividing some things. I want to do it all at once...LOL! First let's just pray for sunshine....ya'll have a great day!
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