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An herbal experience!
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Beautiful day!

What a glorious day it was today....the weather so nice and mild, not too hot or too cool. Too bad it can't be this great every day! I spent most of it outside in the garden, weeding and harvesting herbs, mostly basil.  I hung a lot of it to dry, and some went into the oven on 170 for a speedier dry! Gathered lots of seed as well......mostly different varieties of basil....and the neverending hyacinth bean and lavender moonflower! It's been a great year for those, and I am having a sale in the localharvest store, buy one get one free, in case you need either of those. So very blessed to have spent the day working and relaxing in the yard. Happy Fall Ya'll!  debbie

Earth Day

Hope everyone had a glorious Earth Day....and the days will continue to be sunnier and warmer! I finally have limas and okra coming up, and a few cucumbers poking through the earth! All is good. My son built me another raised bed frame, so i know what i shall be doing this weekend...digging, amending, and readying it for some more veggies! Can't wait! Need to plant more basil, had a blight of some sort, like a "wilt", go through all my basil in the greenhouse....not sure but i think it could have been something in the soil. I will definitely use different potting mix. Has anyone had that happen before, and if so, what did you find out and/or do about it?? Thanks for any experience you may share. Everyone have a great day!

Gorgeous Day

It was too gorgeous a day in Marietta, GA to stay in the house, no matter I had a ton of things to do inside as well! Got a head start on planting some herb seeds in the greenhouse! Planted some sweet basil, lime basil, large leaf basil, then some flowers, too ...strawberry fields gomphrena and cyprus vines & morning glories....even rooted some rosemary cuttings...ok enough for one day! It is, afterall, only FEBRUARY! Temps in the greenhouse have been "tropical" the past few days so hopefully the basil will be up in a few days, as usual! NEVERMIND it's supposed to snow on Tuesday....LOL! Balmy today, freezing never know in Georgia! :-) Everyone have a great day!
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