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Farmer's Market Opening Day

Opening day at our local Marietta Square Farmer's Market was yesterday (Sat). Considering the weather was threatening (it held off, thank God) and there were over 60 market vendors, and we were also competing with the Arts & Crafts event, I did well!  I sold a lot of herbs, and some of those pecans from the fall, too!  Several people stopped by to say hey that had emailed me. All in all it was a great market day! Now I've been busy since then, in between thunderstorms, potting up various mints (orange, pineapple, apple, spearmint and curled spearmint, lemon mint and peppermint) for all the folks who love love love mint!!  And started some more basil, as i am getting low already. Ordered some new varieties to try today, too, one called blue spicy basil and then purple ruffles, cinnamon basil, and a few others i can't remember. I like to have several varieties available. Also some lemon thyme, i have lots of folks ask for it so i ordered a couple of seed packs for that. Thyme grows well from seed. Well I'd better call it a night, hope you all had a great weekend and that next week the sun shines on us all! Happy Gardening!

Farmer's Market!

I seem to have not had time lately to blog! Getting ready for the Farmer's Market, which opens this weekend in Marietta, GA....Saturday, May 2, 9am to 12noon. I will be there with bells on.....well, at least with herbs!  Hope to see you locals there, it will be great! Opening day is always exciting, as we vendors get to see each other, and you, after a long absence! I enjoy the social aspect as much as the actual making money! For anyone coming, they are having the Arts & Crafts festival, so look for the Farmer's Market on the Mill St. end, down by the coffee shop and the railroad tracks! That is where they put us when there's something else going on.  Can't wait to see you! HAVE AN HERBY DAY!! debbie


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2009 will be DEVINE!

Hello all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm glad to have entered another new year with The greenhouse is keeping all the baby herbs warm, and before we know it spring will be here again. Until then....I got a new seed catalog yesterday and am spending my time "daydreaming" about growing new types of basil and such! Perhaps i'll order some, and get it going in the greenhouse. Can't wait for farmer's market in May, I miss everyone! And, i'm still shelling pecans, too.  I believe in doing two things at once (at least) and i can listen to music or on-tape books and shell pecans at the same time! Got to keep those hands busy! Dreaming up new herbal tea blends, too...can't wait to savor them, hot or cold! Truly i have been blessed beyond belief, and i can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for me! I'm off now, can't sit still too long.....! Have a great day!
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