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Beautiful day!

What a glorious day it was today....the weather so nice and mild, not too hot or too cool. Too bad it can't be this great every day! I spent most of it outside in the garden, weeding and harvesting herbs, mostly basil.  I hung a lot of it to dry, and some went into the oven on 170 for a speedier dry! Gathered lots of seed as well......mostly different varieties of basil....and the neverending hyacinth bean and lavender moonflower! It's been a great year for those, and I am having a sale in the localharvest store, buy one get one free, in case you need either of those. So very blessed to have spent the day working and relaxing in the yard. Happy Fall Ya'll!  debbie


Hi, hope everyone is having a great day so far! I have been getting some MUCH NEEDED garden time today, taking a break for a few minutes. We had some good rain yesterday, finally, after about a week of scorching temps.....the basil had to go in the shade for a while it was so hot! Getting a handle on the weeds cropping up, and checking to see if anything new...a few marigolds have poked up since last i checked.  Green beans are blossoming again.  I'll be back later to let you know how I fared in the garden section at Lowes...I have a $35 gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket and i bet they have some plants i! See ya later!  debbie





Spring is finally here!! A bit cool today in Marietta, GA, the high is supposed to be 64, and a bit windy....definitely spring! I've been out doing a bit of "maintenance" with the radishes, thinning....planting carrots, arugula, more radishes...transplanting brussel sprouts, checking on the broccoli....lettuces look fine, starting to fill out a bit. The strawberries are greening up and flowering, as are the lavender bushes! I will probably be out there the rest of the day, I cannot stay inside once the weather tells me it's spring! (unless it's raining on me relentlessly-then i hit the greenhouse!) Everyone have a HAPPY SPRING DAY!

Seeds....and more seeds!

....Been dreaming about seeds.....can i ever have enough? And ordering more seeds.....ah those catalogs!  And everyone else has seeds on the brain, too, by the looks of my store! I still have genovese basil, lime basil, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, and many other herb and flower seeds available.  Unfortunately, I am all sold out of hyacinth bean! Those are always popular! Check out my store and see what you might be missing from your seed stash....and remember, always NO SHIPPING FEE for seeds at debbie's garden! Can't wait until spring to break ground! Think i'll head out to the greenhouse for a spell...! Ya'll have a great day and keep dreaming...spring is coming soon! :-)




Dec 16 - Have A Merry Christmas!

Hello all, hope everyone is having a great December so far! The pecan crop was outstanding this year. If you haven't tried Georgia pecans, I still have some, go to my homepage and click on visit our store. You can get either shelled or still in the shell, whichever you prefer! Also, with Christmas right around the corner, there may be a day or two left to order some herbal teas for a loved one, or perhaps for yourself to sip on while you are wrapping gifts! Don't forget you can order a gift certificate from my store, too, to give to a friend or loved one for Christmas! It's been a great year for debbie's garden, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in 2009. Thanks to everyone who helped make it great!! Merry Christmas and have a safe and peaceful New Year! (Mwah!)
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