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October 24 2011

Can someone tell me why my tomato plants look so GREAT when they know the frost is coming? lol...I have more blooms on them now than during the summer!  For those of you with Green Tomatoes you need to use, there are some cool recipes out there.  Google for Green Tomato Cake, Green Tomato Salsa, Baked Green Tomatoes (Very yummy! A big hit at my house!!)....many more! Don't waste those tomatoes, you can make relish or even blanch and freeze them just as you would red tomatoes!

Enjoy your day!  debbie :)



Finally a bit of rain in Marietta! We've been needing it for a few days now, I was afraid I was going to have to pull out the water hose as i'd  used all my reserve rainwater! It's too early for that, and I am glad to see the rain! It's been raining since yesterday, first it was a slow, drizzly type rain, then a steady drip drip it has actually been a good steady rain a few times this evening! The buckets are in place, catching the rain water as it runs off the eaves. I have the makings for a rain barrel, just haven't installed the "plumbing" yet. So the mud buckets are still in place, until I get the spigot installed on the barrel.  Whatever works for now I guess. I am loathe to use a water hose again, so will be glad when I can get a few rain barrels full. The chlorine is just not good for the plants. If I do have to use water from the house, I try to put it in buckets to sit and let the chlorine dissipate, which I have heard takes 24 hours. Anyway glad to have the rain, and hoping all the growing things turn green green green! Have moved my plants from the greenhouse, got a bit too warm and I didn't want any casualties, so the babies are on my front porch and sidewalk...won't be long and some of them will be at market!  I did transplant about half of the tomatoes yesterday into bigger pots, covering them up to the first set of leaves. I have Better Boy, Early Girl, and Super Sweet 100 (cherry) tomatoes....sweet banana pepper, cayenne pepper, and  green peppers coming along as well.  Can't wait for the weekend, when I get to work non-stop Saturday with all my plants!  Here's hoping everyone has a good night!
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