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Rain Again!?

Hi from Marietta, GA! We are having RAIN again, or is that, STILL? I haven't seen this much rain for years. I guess we should be catching up on what we've missed the past several years. Unfortunately some of my plants are actually "drowning" so to speak, i've lost three or four lavender bushes, and they are on a hill so drainage should be at a maximum! I'll be glad if we ever get a couple of sunny days in a row, maybe it will dry things out a bit. Of course we have to worry more about the mold and fungus types when it stays wet too long. But...on the upside, i have not had to use anything but rain water so far to water my plants this year! And everything that isn't drowning, is flourishing!!  It has been a bit cool for Georgia this year, as well.  This is keeping some of the veggies from sprouting as quickly, and the basil doesn't want to grow fast like it would if it were warmer.  I planted some new basils, one of them called Oriental Breeze, and one called blue spice, and Amethyst (it's purple!) and i also planted LEMON thyme. All are sprouting!!  Also, in my personal space, my black beans and lima beans are up, pole beans, radishes, and early corn. I have the tomatoes and peppers planted. Trying to get some okra up, it doesn't want to, says it's too cool yet! LOL! Well that's about all i have, if it will stop raining, i can get some more herbs potted up for market next week! Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!  debbie




Spring is finally here!! A bit cool today in Marietta, GA, the high is supposed to be 64, and a bit windy....definitely spring! I've been out doing a bit of "maintenance" with the radishes, thinning....planting carrots, arugula, more radishes...transplanting brussel sprouts, checking on the broccoli....lettuces look fine, starting to fill out a bit. The strawberries are greening up and flowering, as are the lavender bushes! I will probably be out there the rest of the day, I cannot stay inside once the weather tells me it's spring! (unless it's raining on me relentlessly-then i hit the greenhouse!) Everyone have a HAPPY SPRING DAY!


Hi everyone, it's been a few weeks so i thought i would update your all on the babies in the greenhouse! I have seedling basils(lots of varieties), chamomile, catnip, lavender, oregano, thyme, and the tomatoes and peppers are coming up and looking good! A few other stray weird plants...i like a challenge and have planted some Fenugreek just for fun, it came up right away so it wasn't much of a challenge!  Outside, in the garden, i planted onion and bibb lettuces. My radishes are up, garlic is doing well, tarragon is peeking through the soil and i have romaine and baby lettuce mix going strong. Cilantro and dill, they love the cooler weather, and are doing just fine! Of course, the ever present PARSLEY...not just for me, but for the butterflies too. I'm getting ready for our plant sale on April 18 at Point of Need Ministries, on Canton Road. We are having a festival type event, a BAND JAM, and many vendors will be present, including MOI with the plant sale! I will have irises, gardenias, butterfly bushes, coreopsis (perennial), mugwort, and a bunch of other plants, including the will be a great sale! I was going to try to post a photo here....never done that before....of my plants "getting ready"!  Couldn't figure it out, so i'll try again later.....Ya'll have a great day, and pray the weather holds and spring is here to stay! HAPPY GARDENING!



The babies are up! Baby basils of the lime, genovese and lettuce leaf varieties! Also some morning glories and cyprus vines are  up....hopefully soon we'll have strawberry gomphrema and lavender as well. I've decided my greenhouse is defintely too small! I need much more room for all I need to start, or i'll just have to give it up! (yea whoever heard of a plant fiend giving  up? LOL!)  The rosemarys are doing well, seemed to have rooted (most of them). Now I need to start some moss curly parsley, oregano, dill, cilantro, to name  a few. Market will be here before I know it! I think I shall go see if i can find a bigger greenhouse....i'll let you know the outcome! Have an herby day! deb

Mmmm the smell of ....lavender sugar cookies?!

Hello all, if you've never had LAVENDER SUGAR COOKIES, perhaps now is the time....hmmm make some for valentines day? All you have to do is pick your favorite sugar cookie recipe, (even if it's in a bag or a box) and add about 1 tbsp. ground dried lavender buds. If you are doing roll-out cookies, maybe sprinkle a little extra on top to decorate, along with your usual sugar sprinkles! Bake as usual and Voila! Something totally different and...they really taste great! Customers come back consistently looking for the lavender cookies!

ok, gotta run...ya'll stay warm...brrr....! debbie

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