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2009 Pecans

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well!  I believe the drought is officially over here in Georgia, and then some!  I think we are all a little weary of the rain.  On another subject, can you believe I am still picking green beans in November?  Crazy!  I picked enough yesterday to cook up for dinner.  Oh and by the way, I still have some shelled pecans for sale (unshelled too)....order now for Thanksgiving pies!  Pecans freeze well, too, so if you have some left over, stick them in the freezer for use in cookies, pies and cakes for Christmas and other occasions.. you may visit my online store here on localharvest, or email me if you are local and want to pick up instead of paying shipping! I hope everyone has a great week!! debbie

It's Official!

It is now officially fall in my book! The pecans are falling and the crows are hovering, have to get back out there and chase them off....crows and squirrels, they love the nuts!  If you need some pecans, go to my page and see what i have available. They've only just begun to fall in the past few weeks, so it will be a while before we have a big load for can buy some shelled in the meantime! It's sunny and warm here today in Marietta, GA.....and we are loving the weather! Ya'll have an awesome day! deb

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2009 will be DEVINE!

Hello all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm glad to have entered another new year with The greenhouse is keeping all the baby herbs warm, and before we know it spring will be here again. Until then....I got a new seed catalog yesterday and am spending my time "daydreaming" about growing new types of basil and such! Perhaps i'll order some, and get it going in the greenhouse. Can't wait for farmer's market in May, I miss everyone! And, i'm still shelling pecans, too.  I believe in doing two things at once (at least) and i can listen to music or on-tape books and shell pecans at the same time! Got to keep those hands busy! Dreaming up new herbal tea blends, too...can't wait to savor them, hot or cold! Truly i have been blessed beyond belief, and i can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for me! I'm off now, can't sit still too long.....! Have a great day!

Dec 16 - Have A Merry Christmas!

Hello all, hope everyone is having a great December so far! The pecan crop was outstanding this year. If you haven't tried Georgia pecans, I still have some, go to my homepage and click on visit our store. You can get either shelled or still in the shell, whichever you prefer! Also, with Christmas right around the corner, there may be a day or two left to order some herbal teas for a loved one, or perhaps for yourself to sip on while you are wrapping gifts! Don't forget you can order a gift certificate from my store, too, to give to a friend or loved one for Christmas! It's been a great year for debbie's garden, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in 2009. Thanks to everyone who helped make it great!! Merry Christmas and have a safe and peaceful New Year! (Mwah!)

Georgia Pecans and cold weather

Just checking in.....we had a good freeze the other night and it zapped the impatiens, oh well, it was time i suppose. I picked some salad greens this evening and had them for dinner. Arugula and baby greens, mixed.  I love Arugula, it's my new favorite salad green!!! Picked up some more pecans, shelled an offer from another neighbor to come pick up pecans, she doesn't want them :-) think i will be in her yard come Sat. afternoon! I also planted some more garlic bulbs as they came in the mail today. They had very small sprouts on them so i decided what the heck, go outside and plant them, then you don't have to worry about it anymore! So i did.Laughing Hope everyone is staying warm. Take care and God Bless!



Hi all, fall is definitely here! A nip in the air...and the pecans are falling and the crows are fighting over them. However, I am fighting THEM and I am winning at the moment! :-)  You will find these luscious (?) Georgia Pecans for sale at my online store. If you are local and want to save on shipping, give me a call. Otherwise, please order through the site.  Everyone have an awesome day!

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