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Wow...finally! It's been over three very hot weeks since we've seen started slow Sunday afternoon, with a few drizzles - the finally gave way to real rain last night! I know all the trees and plants are very happy to be drinking it in.  And, my new seedlings are happy too! Trying to grow some cabbage and broccoli under "shade" (row covers) - any advice from others would be appreciated as to row covers.  Also have some radishes, kale, collards going.....hope they do, we'll see! Georgia summers are pretty relentless, and it's hard to get cool weather crops to work in the fall, at least in my experience.

Everyone have a good Labor Day, remember to honor those who have served, and are serving, our country.  debbie



Anybody getting any rain?

If you are getting rain, consider yourself blessed....we have not had rain fall in my area for over two weeks! And when it did rain last, it was a mere shower...nothing substantial. Even the grass is beginning to look parched! Grrr i'm over this Georgia summer....

Plant Sale this Saturday in Marietta

Happy Spring!  We had some more rain last night, which we needed (don't we almost always need rain?)  Been digging up the yard for the plant sale.....I am reminding all the locals that the plant sale is this Saturday April 23, please see my page under events for more details!  Lots of perenniels and herbs.....can't wait to see you! :) Have a great Easter weekend!  debbie

Plant Sale and Move soon!

We are getting some more rain here in Marietta, GA - the plants are loving it!  I will be very busy soon, digging up plants and dividing them for my plant sale, and for my move!  I will be moving myself and my business to Dallas, GA in about 6 weeks - approximately 20 minutes from where I am now.  Found a bigger piece of property, with a "clean slate" so to speak! And, closer to my grandson, too!  I will post an event for the plant sale, there will be tons of stuff for sale!  Hope you locals can get over to my place for the sale and get a deal or two!  Be on the lookout for the sale date!

Have  a great day!   debbie


We Needed It!

We sure needed the rain we are getting this weekend in Marietta! Making things poke up out of the ground further and green up! My small patch of kale, collards and arugula are looking good!  Fig tree has buds....and the blueberry bushes, too! Can't wait for some sunny weather so i can get back out there in the the meantime, hand me that seed catalog again, I might have missed something! Ya'll have a great day!  deb


Hi, hope everyone is having a great day so far! I have been getting some MUCH NEEDED garden time today, taking a break for a few minutes. We had some good rain yesterday, finally, after about a week of scorching temps.....the basil had to go in the shade for a while it was so hot! Getting a handle on the weeds cropping up, and checking to see if anything new...a few marigolds have poked up since last i checked.  Green beans are blossoming again.  I'll be back later to let you know how I fared in the garden section at Lowes...I have a $35 gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket and i bet they have some plants i! See ya later!  debbie




Rainy Day

It's a beautiful rainy day in Georgia, and I am so happy the seeds i planted yesterday are getting a drink! They'll be up in no time.  Yesterday i did a lot of transplanting, and then planted herb (basils of many varieties, parsley, lemongrass...and veggie seeds). Trying patty-pan squash this year, they look fun!  Everyone have a great day and stay dry....quack!!  debbie

Rain Again!?

Hi from Marietta, GA! We are having RAIN again, or is that, STILL? I haven't seen this much rain for years. I guess we should be catching up on what we've missed the past several years. Unfortunately some of my plants are actually "drowning" so to speak, i've lost three or four lavender bushes, and they are on a hill so drainage should be at a maximum! I'll be glad if we ever get a couple of sunny days in a row, maybe it will dry things out a bit. Of course we have to worry more about the mold and fungus types when it stays wet too long. But...on the upside, i have not had to use anything but rain water so far to water my plants this year! And everything that isn't drowning, is flourishing!!  It has been a bit cool for Georgia this year, as well.  This is keeping some of the veggies from sprouting as quickly, and the basil doesn't want to grow fast like it would if it were warmer.  I planted some new basils, one of them called Oriental Breeze, and one called blue spice, and Amethyst (it's purple!) and i also planted LEMON thyme. All are sprouting!!  Also, in my personal space, my black beans and lima beans are up, pole beans, radishes, and early corn. I have the tomatoes and peppers planted. Trying to get some okra up, it doesn't want to, says it's too cool yet! LOL! Well that's about all i have, if it will stop raining, i can get some more herbs potted up for market next week! Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!  debbie



Rain Rain go away

Well, we certainly have had our share of rain here in Marietta, making up for the past two years i do believe! LOL! Hopefully, the weather man is right and it will be sunny the rest of the week...i see it peeping through occasionally and am told it is here to stay for a few days!

I'm getting ready for BAND JAM this weekend, and the PLANT SALE !! Can't wait! If you are in the area, please do drop by....Canton Road Plaza, 1955 Canton Road, Marietta, GA 11am until 4pm...come early for good deals!! Perennials, herbs, some veggie starts....and lots of great music, too, and vendors. Can't wait to see you there! In the meantime, I'll be busy getting the rest of the perennials divided for sale....have a great day! 




Good Morning! I am trying to be cheerful on this again rainey, damp, cold morning in Marietta, GA! I know it is spring, it feels like spring...but i can't get to the gardens...too much muck! I am praying the weekend will bring sunshine and warmer days. I have too much to do! This weekend, if all goes as planned, i will put in some more beans, possibly lima beans, in my newly rejuvenated raised beds. I will plant caladium bulbs in pots...i will ready my herbal seedlings and flower starts for transplanting into bigger pots for the plant sale on the 18th. I will dig up the yard (!) dividing some things. I want to do it all at once...LOL! First let's just pray for sunshine....ya'll have a great day!

Raining Again

It's raining again! Which is not such a bad thing now, is it, after the drought we've had the past few years! I am saving every bucketful I can, too, for later! Guess I'll be INSIDE today.....or on the front porch if it gets too claustrophobic in here! Everyone have a great day!


Finally a bit of rain in Marietta! We've been needing it for a few days now, I was afraid I was going to have to pull out the water hose as i'd  used all my reserve rainwater! It's too early for that, and I am glad to see the rain! It's been raining since yesterday, first it was a slow, drizzly type rain, then a steady drip drip it has actually been a good steady rain a few times this evening! The buckets are in place, catching the rain water as it runs off the eaves. I have the makings for a rain barrel, just haven't installed the "plumbing" yet. So the mud buckets are still in place, until I get the spigot installed on the barrel.  Whatever works for now I guess. I am loathe to use a water hose again, so will be glad when I can get a few rain barrels full. The chlorine is just not good for the plants. If I do have to use water from the house, I try to put it in buckets to sit and let the chlorine dissipate, which I have heard takes 24 hours. Anyway glad to have the rain, and hoping all the growing things turn green green green! Have moved my plants from the greenhouse, got a bit too warm and I didn't want any casualties, so the babies are on my front porch and sidewalk...won't be long and some of them will be at market!  I did transplant about half of the tomatoes yesterday into bigger pots, covering them up to the first set of leaves. I have Better Boy, Early Girl, and Super Sweet 100 (cherry) tomatoes....sweet banana pepper, cayenne pepper, and  green peppers coming along as well.  Can't wait for the weekend, when I get to work non-stop Saturday with all my plants!  Here's hoping everyone has a good night!

Overcast Again

Hello, all, it is overcast again here in Marietta, GA.  Rain is needed, to be sure, but more sunshine on the agenda would be great for my spirits! It was a beautiful day yesterday, however, and it was not wasted. I spent time in the greenhouse planting more herbs!  I also potted up more things for the PLANT SALE in April - so much to do in so little time (see my page for info on upcoming events)  :-) Ordered more lemongrass seed this morning, i don't think i have enough to make it through the season....lemongrass is one of the raves for indian cuisine...and you can use it for grilling too, such as with fish....anything you want to have a lemon flavor! You can also try lemon thyme or lemon basil, depending on the flavor you are going for! As an aside, I am having a tea sale this month, through the end of the month....if you visit my site and store, you will see what is available.  Buy Three, get one free of all herbal teas!  I'll update more later...everyone have an awesome day!  debbie



Well we certainly need the rain, but the cold that came with it i could do without! After last week's spring weather, today was a real bummer!! I finally went outside to the greenhouse to check on the babies. The tomatoes and peppers are doing great!! Not quite all of them are up, but the ones that are look good. I am excited! I planted sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Early Girl, and Better boy tomatoes. Sweet banana peppers, green peppers and cayenne....i was told by my daughter that i need to plant Jalepeno as well...! Planted some veggies the other night, of course they have not had time to come up! TODAY i planted marjoram, more morning glories and gomphrena (strawberry fields), lemon basil, tulsi (holy basil) and a few other sundries i can't remember....went to the dolldar store when i was done and lucked up on finding more pots, 10 for $1...for the herb starts! Came in and took a nap...i am ready for the nice weather to come back now!! Here's wishing you all a good night and that tomorrow is a sunny day! :-)

 tomatoes and peppers

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