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Row Covers

Two things. One is Row Covers. They are great.....may have to put them back on if it heats up lettuces don't like the heat!  Number Two is Beetles! Someone said they are "Kudzu" beetles....will they bother the garden I wonder? I've heard reports of them eating kudzu, wisteria, and other similar one has said they eat crops....hope not because they are all over the place the past few days. Not being familiar with this type of bug, i am unsure what to do....maybe i'll just use the row covers!  Anybody have any ideas please comment...thanks!  debbie :)


fall crops

Well, I am learning! It seems that the row covers help here in the deep south....when trying to grow fall crops of kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and other various things....I experimented with not using them versus using them. The sun/heat killed the uncovered seedlings in ONE DAY! And it wasn't even 90 that day. So....i will continue to use row covers for the fall "cool weather" crops....hopefully I will benefit and reap the harvest! Anyone else have any other suggestions/advice for growing cool weather crops in Georgia in the fall, let me know! Everyone have a great day! :) debbie
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