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Fall is in the air?

Hi everyone! Haven't written in a while - been pretty busy what with vacations, grandkids and such....not to mention the garden!  Speaking of garden, I have baby collards, broccoli, spaghetti squash, spinich, cabbage and kale.... ! There is no time to rest yet; we still have food to grow!  Seed us coming in hot and heavy, the hyacinth bean and lavender moonflower are especially abundent this year. Also morning glories of unbelievably rich colors this year, and white cyprus vine and marigold.  My marigolds look like BUSHES, not plants, this year....turns out i planted them over the septic tank! ha! So that old rumour is true......! you can see some of my pics from my garden and produce on my facebook page, if you are interested. Look up and "like" debbie's garden in Dallas, Georgia.!/pages/debbies-garden/70108898736  Everyone have a great day!  debbie


Rainy Day

It's a beautiful rainy day in Georgia, and I am so happy the seeds i planted yesterday are getting a drink! They'll be up in no time.  Yesterday i did a lot of transplanting, and then planted herb (basils of many varieties, parsley, lemongrass...and veggie seeds). Trying patty-pan squash this year, they look fun!  Everyone have a great day and stay dry....quack!!  debbie


Wow, I don't think I have ever sold this many seed in such a short period of time! Everyone is buying seeds! There was even an article in the paper today talking about how seed companies are RUNNING OUT of seed! Incredible!! Burpee was one of the ones mentioned that had run out of certain seed, i'm not sure if it even said which seed, but the fact that they ran out floored me! People are coming back to gardening in a BIG WAY and I am glad to be a part of it....growing our own food is the best way to get fresh, good for you produce, that you know where it came from!  



Gorgeous Day

It was too gorgeous a day in Marietta, GA to stay in the house, no matter I had a ton of things to do inside as well! Got a head start on planting some herb seeds in the greenhouse! Planted some sweet basil, lime basil, large leaf basil, then some flowers, too ...strawberry fields gomphrena and cyprus vines & morning glories....even rooted some rosemary cuttings...ok enough for one day! It is, afterall, only FEBRUARY! Temps in the greenhouse have been "tropical" the past few days so hopefully the basil will be up in a few days, as usual! NEVERMIND it's supposed to snow on Tuesday....LOL! Balmy today, freezing never know in Georgia! :-) Everyone have a great day!

Seeds....and more seeds!

....Been dreaming about seeds.....can i ever have enough? And ordering more seeds.....ah those catalogs!  And everyone else has seeds on the brain, too, by the looks of my store! I still have genovese basil, lime basil, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, and many other herb and flower seeds available.  Unfortunately, I am all sold out of hyacinth bean! Those are always popular! Check out my store and see what you might be missing from your seed stash....and remember, always NO SHIPPING FEE for seeds at debbie's garden! Can't wait until spring to break ground! Think i'll head out to the greenhouse for a spell...! Ya'll have a great day and keep dreaming...spring is coming soon! :-)



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