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spring is really here!

Looks like spring is finally REALLY HERE!!  yea!  Hostas are up and unfurling, kale is growing like a weed, daffodils are bent over, peas, lettuce, herbs... all are starting to pop up and be visible!  I am sooo over this winter, it was the worst in a while for this area for sure! Just wanted to stop in and say HAPPY SPRING to everyone!  Happy gardening! :)




I think it's on its way. Despite all the cold frosty weather north of us here in Georgia, it's in the air. Some mornings I can almost feel it.  The clover patches are getting greener. The kale and spinich are gaining on each other. SPRING IS COMING!!  Don't ever think it won't. It always shows up! Gray skies now, mean more rain for the earth to reproduce. Waiting for sunny skies and warm temps myself. You?   Have a most peaceful day and keep dreaming of spring!

Plant Sale this Saturday in Marietta

Happy Spring!  We had some more rain last night, which we needed (don't we almost always need rain?)  Been digging up the yard for the plant sale.....I am reminding all the locals that the plant sale is this Saturday April 23, please see my page under events for more details!  Lots of perenniels and herbs.....can't wait to see you! :) Have a great Easter weekend!  debbie

Winter is colder this year?!

Winter is colder this year than it's been for a while! Or maybe I just forget from year to year? I compare it to having a baby in some respects, as you forget about the pain as soon as you see those beautiful green "baby" shoots coming up out of the earth in Spring!

Of course...we've had a "hard" winter for this area, as we've had two significant snow storms which is unusual. Christmas day it began snowing late in the day, and it was beautiful! Then of course the other week we had quite a storm, i received about 5 inches at my house. We were "stuck" for about three days as our roads were horrible, all ice. We don't have the equipment they have in the northern states to clear the roads. Then, the sky tried to flurry at us again yesterday. I am not a snowbird....I enjoy looking outside at it, but don't particularly care for being house-bound for long. I did enjoy the few days, though, that my daughter Ginny and I were house-bound together because she and I are usually like ships passing in the night. We got to spend some "quality time" together...I even baked some homemade bread a few times and found she LOVES bread! (well, who doesn't?)

I am going to attempt making some sort of herb bread today, as well as the whole-wheat. If it is successful, I will try to remember to post the recipe. However, my grandson Tommy will be over tonite (he's a handful - he's 2 1/2) so I might be so worn out I'll forget to post!

Well cheers to all, and have an awesome weekend! I'm off to bake!



Spring is finally here!! A bit cool today in Marietta, GA, the high is supposed to be 64, and a bit windy....definitely spring! I've been out doing a bit of "maintenance" with the radishes, thinning....planting carrots, arugula, more radishes...transplanting brussel sprouts, checking on the broccoli....lettuces look fine, starting to fill out a bit. The strawberries are greening up and flowering, as are the lavender bushes! I will probably be out there the rest of the day, I cannot stay inside once the weather tells me it's spring! (unless it's raining on me relentlessly-then i hit the greenhouse!) Everyone have a HAPPY SPRING DAY!


Hi everyone, it's been a few weeks so i thought i would update your all on the babies in the greenhouse! I have seedling basils(lots of varieties), chamomile, catnip, lavender, oregano, thyme, and the tomatoes and peppers are coming up and looking good! A few other stray weird plants...i like a challenge and have planted some Fenugreek just for fun, it came up right away so it wasn't much of a challenge!  Outside, in the garden, i planted onion and bibb lettuces. My radishes are up, garlic is doing well, tarragon is peeking through the soil and i have romaine and baby lettuce mix going strong. Cilantro and dill, they love the cooler weather, and are doing just fine! Of course, the ever present PARSLEY...not just for me, but for the butterflies too. I'm getting ready for our plant sale on April 18 at Point of Need Ministries, on Canton Road. We are having a festival type event, a BAND JAM, and many vendors will be present, including MOI with the plant sale! I will have irises, gardenias, butterfly bushes, coreopsis (perennial), mugwort, and a bunch of other plants, including the will be a great sale! I was going to try to post a photo here....never done that before....of my plants "getting ready"!  Couldn't figure it out, so i'll try again later.....Ya'll have a great day, and pray the weather holds and spring is here to stay! HAPPY GARDENING!


SPRING FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea it's official, spring fever is here....LOL! I have all my little seed packs and have been in the greenhouse, and will be out there again today planting cinnamon basil, thai basil, purple basil, BRUSSELL SPROUTS, tomatoes, peppers.....yea my greenhouse will be overflowing....i rearranged to accomodate more plants, and realize i just was not using the space as wisely as i could's cramped, but doable!  A good source for seed (besides me)  is Botanical Interests they are awesome! Lots of info on each packet, and reasonable priced, good selection, the whole nine i have some new seed to plant from them. They have a website and blog too, and are a family owned company.  I can't wait to get out there and DIG IN.....!! Ya'll have an HERBY day!  debbie

Seeds....and more seeds!

....Been dreaming about seeds.....can i ever have enough? And ordering more seeds.....ah those catalogs!  And everyone else has seeds on the brain, too, by the looks of my store! I still have genovese basil, lime basil, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, and many other herb and flower seeds available.  Unfortunately, I am all sold out of hyacinth bean! Those are always popular! Check out my store and see what you might be missing from your seed stash....and remember, always NO SHIPPING FEE for seeds at debbie's garden! Can't wait until spring to break ground! Think i'll head out to the greenhouse for a spell...! Ya'll have a great day and keep dreaming...spring is coming soon! :-)



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