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Brrrr....Happy New Year!!

Hi all, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Marietta, Georgia.  A week ago we got the worse snow storm we've had in a long time! I got about five (5!!) inches at my house, my daughter received 6 inches and she's thirty minutes north of me.  Not a lot to do when you are snowed in, except dream of spring, look at seed catalogs, feed the birds and watch them through the window....i saw BLUEBIRDS at my seed feeders, amazing!  Never seen that before.  Hmmm...I've been baking and EATing...and dreaming up a new tea blend!  Hopefully you will be able to purchase my new Minty Fresh Twisted herbal tea blend online here soon.  I am enjoying my new creation.  And, fortunately, we are now out and about again, with still much snow on the's been freezing all week! I need spring to come soon so I can escape into the outdoors again!  Hope you all are staying warm and dreaming of spring as well....til next time, debbie



HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2009 will be DEVINE!

Hello all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm glad to have entered another new year with The greenhouse is keeping all the baby herbs warm, and before we know it spring will be here again. Until then....I got a new seed catalog yesterday and am spending my time "daydreaming" about growing new types of basil and such! Perhaps i'll order some, and get it going in the greenhouse. Can't wait for farmer's market in May, I miss everyone! And, i'm still shelling pecans, too.  I believe in doing two things at once (at least) and i can listen to music or on-tape books and shell pecans at the same time! Got to keep those hands busy! Dreaming up new herbal tea blends, too...can't wait to savor them, hot or cold! Truly i have been blessed beyond belief, and i can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for me! I'm off now, can't sit still too long.....! Have a great day!
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