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Beautiful Weather

Today was another glorious warm, sunny spring day! I was able to plant some moonvine, hyacinth bean, squash, nasturtiums and pumpkin seed.  Also transplanting more succulents and potting them up for the plant sale.  I have a lot more plants than i ever imagined, it's amazing when you dig up your yard how many plants there are after you divide everything!  I do need to hurry and pick some greens, as the little worms that are spiraling out of the sky on silk strings are attacking my collards! Have a great week, everyone, and enjoy the weather!  debbie

It's warming up!

It sure has warmed up the past few days, it's 81 degrees right now in Marietta Georgia !  I am loving the weather, and watching my arugula, collards and kale reach for the sky! Hope it doesn't stay 81 too long, though, i'd hate to have them go to seed before I can eat any! Ya'll have a wonderful weekend! I'll be digging up the yard getting ready for the plant sale and move! deb

Beautiful Day!!

Hi all, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today, with the temperature being right at 70 degrees in Marietta, GA!  And sunny to boot! Have been working feverishly these past two days to get the plants ready for the sale tomorrow, and I believe I am ready!!!  Lots of perennials and herbs, and some veggies (tomatoes and peppers) too. By daughter Georgia and her friend will be setting up a booth of baked goods, and i know there are a couple of craft vendors. It's going to be great! Come on out if you live in the area, it's a FREE Event (Band Jam 2009), and donations are welcome of course, all proceeds going to Point of Need Ministries. If you need more info, it's 1955 Canton Road, Marietta, GA, Sat. April 18, 11am until 4pm, lots of music while you shop! Looking forward to a great day, it's supposed to be sunny and warm like today. Hope to see you there!! deb
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