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How's your weather?

Hoping for some good weather..... need to get outside and play in the dirt!! (Mud is no!!!)  Everyone have an AWESOME weekend and get outside and get your Vitamin D! Hoping to report back what is blooming.... check out my facebook page to see what was blooming for me Valentines Day..... :)


Good Morning! I am trying to be cheerful on this again rainey, damp, cold morning in Marietta, GA! I know it is spring, it feels like spring...but i can't get to the gardens...too much muck! I am praying the weekend will bring sunshine and warmer days. I have too much to do! This weekend, if all goes as planned, i will put in some more beans, possibly lima beans, in my newly rejuvenated raised beds. I will plant caladium bulbs in pots...i will ready my herbal seedlings and flower starts for transplanting into bigger pots for the plant sale on the 18th. I will dig up the yard (!) dividing some things. I want to do it all at once...LOL! First let's just pray for sunshine....ya'll have a great day!
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