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Still No Rain!

Today's weather forecast showed showers from midnight. Today's sky showed clouds and more clouds. But the only water my garden got today was from the well. Practically all the water my garden has had since summer was from the well. Halloween weekend brought a scant tenth of an inch. It's almost Thanksgiving and so far not a sprinkle.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Especially since I'm fortunate that I can water the entire garden from the well. Rain in my garden is pretty much a luxury - when it comes at the right times. And late November is certainly the right time.

The dry weather does allow me to sow and transplant pretty much at will. I have taken advantage of that and most of the garden is up and growing right now. The first greens are ready and salad mix harvest will begin as soon as I can get the baby lettuce bed weeded. Mustard, arugula, Persian cress and spinach went in this week's greens mix for a spicy soup or stir fry.

Radishes and just a few turnips have started. Next come the beets, my favorite root crop with three varieties in the ground already. Overall the garden is happy - but a half inch of rain would sure be nice!

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