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Winter Seed Order

Ordering seed is a bit like browsing the toy catalog. But, like a parent trying to make Christmas the best I can afford for my kids, seed buying has become a budget-stretcher in recent years.

Contented Acres Produce is not certified organic, but I follow the NOP rule. That means that nearly all seeds I buy are grown organically.

The increasing popularity of organics has had an effect on seed prices, and small growers often feel it more than big farmers do.  Seeds are more expensive in small  lots. A few large seeds I buy a pound at a time. Others by the ounce, 1000 or 100 seeds, or even by the packet.

Today I opened a box from my favorite seed supplier. Mostly tried and true varieties that will make  up much of my winter production of seven main crops - mostly Asian greens and cole crops.

All in all about two pounds of seed, plus a half pound of Neem Oil. One of the few purchased insect control products that I use. The price for all this? A nickel short of $180.00. That's no typo! Hundred and eighty bucks.

Is it worth it? Weather and work and my loyal customers will tell the tale as winter and spring arrive. But growing from organic seed helps assure that the strains I purchase are field tested and successful in organic growing conditions. Many commercial varieties are pretty chemical dependent and we can't afford to invite pests and disease into the garden. Organic seed is the way to go for your garden!

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