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Another Reason to Buy Local Honey

This morning I read the third installment of a special report on the problems with Chinese honey. This report was published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The first two installments were published December 30th and 31st, 2008, and track a problem with tainted honey from China that is intentionally routed through other countries before arriving in the US. American beekeepers cannot produce enough honey to meet demand and so two-thirds of the honey consumed in the US has to be imported. For years, China has been producing the lion's share of these imports, but they had a problem with bee die-off and used a potent antibiotic, chloramphenicol, to deal with it. This is illegal and unconscionable, but the tainted honey gets through anyway. There are several culprits in this fiasco and they all point fingers at everyone else. This situation calls for direct action on the part of the consumer and the direct action is? You guessed it - buy local honey. I have at least four sources of local honey right around me and I find it to be a good value in price, as well as in its medicinal/nutritional qualities. I seem to have alder allergies and spend quite a bit of downtime in early spring because I am so tired. I tried a daily spoonful of local honey last year and it seemed to help. This year I will be more rigorous in my application, so I can track the effects better. Anyway, you cannot depend on a government agency to watch out for you, so the solution is bloody obvious. Know where your food comes from. The best measure of nutritional safety is to know the first name of the farmer who grew your food.
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