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Don't Forget the Sprouts

In your desire to eat healthy on a budget, don't forget the sprouts. Right now, I have alfalfa, mung, radish and aduki sprouts going in quart jars. I use a canning ring and a piece of nylon window screen trimmed to fit inside the ring. You can use the actual lid for a template and draw a circle, then cut out the screen. It fits good. I soak the seeds overnight, pour off the water and rinse twice a day. I set them on a towel on top of the refrigerator. I eat the radish and alfalfa sprouts raw and steam the mung, lentil, aduki and even pea sprouts. You can do soy sprouts and onion sprouts too. Your local co-op has all kinds of sprouting seeds and lentils can be had anywhere. Sprouts are cheap, even if you have to pay a lot for the seeds, since you get so many pounds of sprouts from a single pound of seeds. Don't buy too much at the store the first time, as they go a long way. I usually cover the bottom of the jar by way of measuring. You will be amazed at how fast they grow and how much they increase. Even though we have fresh vegetables year-round on the farm, I still have to have my sprouts in the winter.
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