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Christmas is Coming

December 7, 2008

I'm resting today after being at the Chesterton, Indiana Mistletoe Market yesterday. It was good seeing lots of folks I know from previous years selling at the Chesterton European market.  This week will be a busy one, full of preparations for Christmas; packing gifts for out of town relatives, writing Christmas cards, and making special holiday decorations from paper, wool, evergreens and lavender.  I am also preparing for our last scheduled open day this year for the shop on the farm this Saturday, December 13.  I hope that folks will make the trek out here to see the natural beauty we enjoy every day.

The fresh 10 inches of snow that has fallen over the last two days paints a Christmaslike setting on our farm.  The evergreen boughs are frosted white, and the lavender is blanketed with snow, a good protection from our cold winters.  Even today it is snowing lightly but in big, discrete flakes, reminiscent of the Christmas-eve snow in "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  Like Linus I hope that people will keep in mind the real reason for the season this year.


October 28, 2008 -First Snow

Waking up this morning to an inch of snow on the ground was reminder enough that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not far behind!  This change of season always rekindles in me the desire to start baking again.  Today I tried a new recipe for jam thumbprint cookies but added dried lavender to the cookie recipe and used lavender jelly as the filling.  I must say they were very tasty. I'll be serving them at our shop on the farm this Saturday. Of course we have lavender for culinary use for sale there.  Dried lavender adds an interesting flavor to many types of foods. I recommend trying a teaspoon or so of ground lavender flowers in just about any sugar cookie or white or yellow cake recipe. Lavender is especially good in combination with lemon or other citrus in cookies or cakes.  Enjoy!
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