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Sights and Sounds of Spring

This past week, as temperatures approached 60 degrees on several occasions, my emotions rode the rollercoaster ride that describes spring on the farm.  Elation over bulbs starting to pop, spring peepers peeping in the pond out back, doves cooing in the late afternoon warmth, songbirds competing for prime nesting materials, and kitties cavorting in the soft, greening grass, is tempered by an underlying angst over the growing list of time-dependent chores that need to be done to get ready for summer.  

A dry week in March is a blessing, allowing for completion of yardwork that may not get done once planting time and lavender pruning time arrives later in the spring.  Leaves that didn't get raked last fall due to the early snow were collected and moved to our growing compost pile. Additions of manure from the barnyard added nitrogen, and uneaten hay added carbon & bulk.  Bulbs were transplanted to make way for our planned ramp entry on which construction has resumed.  Our potted Christmas tree was planted in the yard; not a small job since Bill uncovered "the mother of all rocks" during the act. "Mother rock" is now parked in the front yard, awaiting a final home.  Grass needs to be planted at the location of several 2008 "projects". 

As we plod through the seemingly unending list of tasks, we make sure to take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring.

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