Shari's Berries & Garden LLC

  (Hiram, Ohio)


Well its springtime again in Hiram. This winter has been most mild, and with little snow. Its time to cut forsythia for florists and homeowners alike. I've been cleaning up the garage, the basement and the hoophouse. This week I'll start sowing seeds to grow my own plugs of sweet william, butterfly weed, and then later all the snapdragons, celosias and more. The oriental lilly bulbs should be arriving soon and will need to be planted by the end of the month for early summer brides and florists' orders. Trays of seedlings will grow in the basement under lights, and be able to transfer out to the hoophouse by St. Patty's day or so. So lots to do this time of year...and still making jams of all flavors for sale at the farmer's markets this summer.


Well another typical NE Ohio day. Lots of snow!!!

But spring will be here- Forsythia is blooming now and ready for sale. Forsythia can be cut at the end of January for forcing of the flowers in several weeks. The branches flowering now were cut several weeks ago. These branches will hopefully be coming to a florist near you this upcoming week.

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