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Winter Continues

There seems to be no relief from winter weather here in Northern Michigan.  Snow continues to fall today covering the ground and covering my soul as well.  I'm so ready for warm breezes that blow the laundry on the line and move the windmill to the south.  But wait I will, just not so patiently.

As lambing continues here, another orphan has come in from the cold.  Her mamma just doesn't want her..ignoring her for the better prospects of food and water.  Every effort to bond mamma and baby have failed and then the executive decision must be made.  Do we let nature take it's course and wait?  Or do we pull the lamb and bring her in?  Natures course is just too iffy....so we pull her in.  Every time!

I'm thinking because of the hard and long winter we now have 6 orphan lambs.  It's a record for us and not one that I want to repeat any time soon.  I had just achieved a full nights sleep for the last week or so because of graduating the older lambs to 3 feedings a day.  Now I am back to midnight nursery detail.  But even my sighing can't hide the fact that this little orphan is delightful and energetic.  I can't ask for more than that.  We will keep her safe and sound until old enough to join the flock.

So for today at least, we will stock the wood stove with wood all day long, bake chocolate cake and make some hearty soup.  It's befitting to sit by the fire, relax and wait....until spring decides to be born!

Just like little lambs! :)

Blessing to all

Sharon @ S&S Lamb



Friday Snows! Ugh!

Friday morning!  The end of spring break for our youngest son who will graduate this spring from High School.  While others we know are enjoying the sun of Mexico and Florida, we here on the farm, and trudging through a new covering of snow and slush.  My spirit was drooping as I pulled on my winter coat, my winter gloves, and my winter boots.  Living by the weather is not a good idea.  I seldom check the weatherman's forcast any more.  I simply live with whatever God sends and I try not to grumble. 

Lambing here started in February amidst freezing temps.  We've had wonderful success stories to tell along with some tragic events that resulted in both loss of ewe and lambs.  We will revisit our lambing season dates in the future, but for now, we continue to lamb even on the coldest days.  When I'm in the barn I tell all of our unbirthed mom's to wait for the sunshine and then quickly deliver.  They all look at me with their beautiful brown eyes and shake their heads in wonder. 

The new lambs and moms are moved to their holding pasture until the green grass grows.  Some stand at the gate looking longingly out to the northern pasture as if to think that maybe wishing will open the gate.  Their lambs continue to dance and run at the bewitching hour of seven o'clock as we as their caretakers smile and watch in amazement.  Nothing can compare to the joy they experience.

Baby chicks are growing, adult hens are laying, and we are in a search for some new goats to add to our group.  But today...with the snow, sleet, and rain,....we will wait. At least until the sun shines another day!

God Bless

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