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Make a Credible First Impression

This morning, I had an e-mail from an individual requesting advice on whether to include their website address on their new business card, even if the website wasn't up and running yet.  This person was going to attend a conference where they hoped to make business contacts, so she was going to have new business cards printed to take and pass out.  She understandably didn't want to print business cards without the website address and then print more again when the website was ready.  My response follows.

If you are passing out your business card, you certainly want to give the recipient a website reference to check.  It adds credibility to your statement that you have started a business.  If someone goes to your page and sees “under construction”….or sees an unavailable notice; they will (even subconsciously) think that you are not credible.

Here’s how to add credibility to your new business even if your website isn’t completed yet.  Create a home page that someone would land on when looking up your domain.  It could just have your name, contact information and perhaps an illustration or two or a list of your product offerings, where your products are sold, or your upcoming engagements.  Most hosting sites offer an option of putting up a page until your site is ready, and many offer templates that are nice, and can be modified to add some photos or your logo.  Then when your website is ready to go live, you just swap out the temporary home page with your new and fabulous website.

In today’s business world, an instant impression can make all the difference between someone walking away and someone taking a second look.

If you have the same issue with a website in progress but are not sure how to proceed with setting up a temporary home page, just ask your web hosting provider.  Many have a support desk which will be more than happy to help.  This is usually something you can do yourself at no extra cost to you.

What is your experience in setting up your business website?  If you'd like to share your experience, we welcome your comments.

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