Evergreen Acres Goat Farm

  (Tres Pinos, California)
Free range duck eggs available now... Why duck eggs are better??
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Duck eggs vs Chicken eggs

After 6 Months raise our ducklings. Finally they start lay eggs now... Excite!!!

 Those of you who have not tried our eggs...people love our eggs because they are fresh and rich eggs...:

Fresh water for ducks... We provide fresh pool water every day. most duck farms don't change the water . some use natural lakes and streams that are good but as with fish ... there is no control for any pollution in the water.

Really Fresh... No eggs are more than 3 days old, most are same day eggs available for pick up at the farm during week days.

Fertilized... All our eggs are live and fertilized. if you want to hatch chicks, we can keep some warm for you, but you need to let us know in advance.

Free range with organic feed, no soy, no corn ... They get fresh grass, barley, worms, insects and greens... we don't leave food out for them all the time so they forage around looking for natural grass, insects and worms. Barley soak with goat cheese whey.

Stored in a refrigerator or not : Ask if you prefer storage in a refrigerator or not...we can and do both( for farm pick up only)

How to order:

Option 1: If you pick up from Our Farm, You can reserve same day eggs from us. email to: info@petstouch.com

Option 2: If you pick up from an RFBA drop location, order from Real Food Bay Area ( same price). http://www.realfoodbayarea.com/_catalog_80409/Pastured_Eggs

 Call us 408-677-9557 to ask  if RFBA website sold out. we can send more if we have extra.


Chicken eggs: $8/dozen

Duck eggs $10/dozen

Please wash your eggs before you use them. We only use water (no chlorine) to wash them.  [Read More]
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