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Newly Weaned Alpaca Boys

Newly Weaned Alpaca Boys

Written by Julie Wysong

                Today I went to check on the newly weaned alpaca boys. Weaning is when we remove the baby alpacas, called cria, from their mothers. These little guys were doing just fine. They were wondering inside the barn after seeing how windy it was outside.  Let me introduce them to you. Lawrence is the one with multiple colors. You can’t really see from the video but he has gray ears.  Standing beside him is Kimble. Kimble is a fawn color which is a light brown shade. Kimble is the one that is flirting with the camera. He is so curious. Every time I walk near him he will flirt with me. He would flirt with you too. Joshua is about the same color as Kimble. He came walking passed. You can almost see how soft and luxurious his fiber is. Joshua is the biggest of all these jr. hersires. Finally Montgomery got the courage to come in and walk past me.  There will be one more to join this group but for now these 4 little guys will try to get used to not being with their mothers. They are doing just fine.   

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