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spring gardens

It is almost June here in South Michigan on our 20 acre family farm.  Planting season is upon us and our backs are already somewhat sore from all the hard work, but our spirits are high and the thought of juicy fresh tomatoes keep us going.  We've had a couple of nights that threatened frost and thankfully all our early plantings of cucumber, tomatoes, and peppers survived the cold nights.  Onions are safely in the ground.  We took the advice of another farmer and cut the tops and some of the roots off the onion plants before placing them in the ground.  It made the manual job of planting them all the easier.

Day after day it seems like we've been getting ground tilled and ready for planting and finishing off another garden bed or plot.  Mapping a garden out beforehand has been helpful in fitting all of my crops into an area.  I haven't always stuck to the plan, but it helps to have an idea of what I have to plant and where I want it to go.  Keeping in mind what I've planted where in the past helps to rotate my crops and give them the requirements they need.  I never want to put anything in the nightshade family in the same spot year after year.

Memorial Day weekend has typically been the biggest planting weekend of the year. It looks as if the cold nights are over and we are keeping our fingers crossed.  We've transplanted lettuce, leeks, potatoes, onions, kale, chard, cabbage, broccoli, flowers, herbs, and celery into the ground.  Our hope is to plant all our tomato and peppers this week.  Happy planting everyone.  And good luck with your gardens.

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