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The Green Walnut Adventure...
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Cold, Cold weather

We need plenty of chill hours for a good crop.  Thankfully, we're getting them!  Now, we wait for the signs of life to appear in this years new twigs and branches.  This really is a time of watchful waiting....  

Come visit us at to learn more about us and green walnuts.  More news is available at  We'll keep you posted with our growing season.  Anxious and hopeful, just like every year!


Rain & Snow! There is a winter!

Happy days are here again!  I was so worried about the lack of rainfall and how it might affect our crop this spring.  I'm a little less worried now.  Though we aren't out of the woods yet, at least we know that cold temperatures and liquid nourishment have made an appearance and with God's help, there will be more where that came from!  Little green walnuts, we're waiting and watching.......

First signs of green walnuts in the orchard!

We've posted the latest photos from the orchard so you can keep up to date with our growing season.

Navigate to the Clary Ridge Ranch blog at to see green walnuts as they first begin developing on the trees.

We are still estimating harvest to be mid June.....



“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer.” - Will Rogers

Our farm and family blog with pictures lives here -->  Of Walnuts & Wine

We are monitoring the orchard for the first appearance of green walnuts in 2010.   Here in the El Dorado County foothills, our green walnuts are harvested later than those in the Central Valley of California.  We'll keep updating to let you know progress of our growing season.  

Despite recent cold weather and rain, we're optimistic about this year's crop.  Will Rogers was right!  

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