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Ash Wednesday's Asparagus Bed

The frost broke earlier in the week so today, Ash Wednesday, is the day we start our new Asparagus bed.  If all goes according to plan we will have some asparagus for sale in 2013 and we will have A LOT for sale in 2014.  I have longed for an asparagus bed for several years and kept putting it off – mostly because of the LONG wait.  Finally it has arrived.  This year we are only planting green asparagus, but next year we will expand with some purple. 

Asparagus is very popular in our home.  My daughter Livie calls them green snakes and will gobble it up as fast as I put it on her plate.  If I call it asparagus she will wrinkle her nose and refuse.  Sometimes it is all in the marketing.  My Autie does not care what you call it because it is green and for her that is an inherent problem with too many vegetables.  Usually, I have to barter with her by having something I know she loves (say cottage cheese) on hand and barter a bite for a bite.  She will eat anything so long as there is the hope of cottage cheese. 

This weekend we will also plant a new crop of strawberries.  All are everbearing and should produce this year.  I will also have Alpine White strawberries this year.  Last year I planted Mignonettes and will add more of them this year.  Last year we planted rhubarb and hope to have some for sale this year. 

My petunias are coming along nicely and before long I will have pictures of hanging baskets and combination planters available for sale.  I have one plant I am VERY excited about called the Brachyscome Toucan Tango.  It is a lovely shade of lavender with a grass green eye.  I will also have several varieties of IPOMEA available this year.  If you are looking for some truly exquisite hanging basket combinations you will want to check our upcoming photos on Facebook and local harvest. 

This year I received some GREAT news… Peoples Grocery in Manhattan has agreed to work with me this so by mid-April I hope to have produce available through their produce department.  I will keep everyone posted as our first delivery day draws near.  I would love to find a couple other stores in. 

We are also busy making plans for our second high tunnel.  By this time next year we hope to have both green houses in full production and find ourselves busy adding our greenhouse.  Once it is complete we will have quite a bit of capacity for our plug & liner program, our flowers & bedding plants AND our asparagus & strawberries.  Once those things are in place we will begin adding more to our fruit offerings.  I am interested in hearing from people as to what fruit they would like to have available. 

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