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Cinco De Mayo

We think it is the perfect day to celebrate and we happen to have plenty of fresh cilantro and garlic for sale!  Why not celebrate?  At L’Ecuyer Gardens we spent the day planting our squash bed and our slicing cucumbers.  We also planted spinach, collard greens, heat tolerant kale and some more Swiss chard and arugula.  Hubby spent some time installing our new irrigation system and I am so excited because keeping up with everything can be a challenge.  I almost forgot the weeding.  I did not get much done today just a portion of our new asparagus bed.  This evening was spent preparing for our delivery to People’s Grocery in Manhattan, KS as well as a few other stops in route. 

Tomorrow is a very big day for our Livie.  She will go to her first t-ball practice.  Little sister is crying unfair because she would like to play too!  I told her it was our job this year to be the cheerleaders.  She will give it a go, but she loves keeping up with her big sister.  I had that little sister too growing up and how I wish at times we could go back at least once for me to realize just how much love she was offering me by being my shadow.  Love Ya Tina!!! 

I am having problems with my new camera and am unable to upload pictures at the moment but tonight I caught my girls in a moment of childhood bliss.  I have a flower bed that I put in a few years ago and I will confess it has been neglected and in VERY weedy.  Don’t worry the girls love it.  In the midst of the weeds they have made themselves a little nest.  In that nest are several treasures they play with often.  Tonight they were in their nest enjoying the shade of our summer apple tree.  It is moments like this when I realize how blessed we truly are.  We live a very simple life, but we are able to enjoy the simple pleasure offered by a patch of weeds.  Gratitude!!!!! 

We will be open Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Friday evening by appointment.  Saturday we will be open on farm from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m..  Sunday we will be at the Old Cheney Road Farmers Market and open by appointment Sunday evening.  If you are looking for bedding plants or a fantasic hanging basket for Mother’s Day – you need to stop by. 

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