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Ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day marked the beginning of my seed starting season.  My propagation trays are now filled with a variety of items tomatoes, broccoli, yellow strawberries, petunias, thyme, several types of lettuce and a unique plant called living stone.  I love starting seeds and I am impatiently waiting for proof of germination.  For me starting my own seeds is proof spring will come- eventually.  For those who enjoy unusual tomato varieties and unique garden items, it is also the easiest way to ensure you will have your heart’s desire during the summer months.  Many of these plants are destined for my gardens and the farmers markets I will sell through.  Others are available to you through our Local Harvest online store.  In the weeks to come I will add many new items.  If you are a tomato lover you will be able to choose from over 75 mostly heirloom varieties.  Some a very rare and all are outstanding in their own right. 

Each year I have two goals that our garden lives by.  My first goal is to start at least two new items from seed.  This year those items are yellow strawberries and celeric.  I chose these two because one should be relatively easy, but the other a little more complex.  I will keep you posted on their outcome.  The second part of the goal is to introduce my family to two new items at our dinner table.  This year my girls had a great deal of input on the selections.  Livie chose purple broccoli because she loves broccoli and purple is her favorite color.  My Autie chose Tiger Melons because she loves the color orange and Pooh's friend Tigger and well the Tiger Melon has a fun tigger-like stipe.  I have also added artichokes to the list for me and my husband.  Trying something new helps create excitement for my girls who at 5 and 3 are beginning to spend quite a bit of time with me in the gardens. 

In addition to a full line of vegetables and produce this year we are adding bedding plants, hanging baskets and edible containers.  I will keep you posted as things progress.  Something you might want to consider for those who live nearby.  If you have a strawberry pot you would like to have rehabbed before the growing season now is the time to be in touch. I will soon have replacement plants available in several ever-bearing varieties for red we will offer Quinlet, Seebring and Ozark Mountain.  We also offer the Migonette and the Alpine White strawberry.  If the seed starts successfully germinate next year we hope to offer yellow strawberries as well. 

We hope you will stop by our farm this year if you find yourself in the neighborhood or perhaps at one our farmers markets.  This year we hope to add a small CSA.  Thank you for visiting our blog and we promise fresh from the farm goodness will be ready for you before you know it!   Twilya


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