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It is Now June

This week has been a full one!  I spent the rest of the week making deliveries, trimming tomato plants, attending t-ball games, enjoying lunch with some new friends, junking and working on my Sunday market. 

Wednesday I made a last minute change and attended the Peoples Grocery’s farmers market.   I will likely stay at People’s on Wednesday nights or at least rotate every other week.  I also ran into a friend Rhonda who is also a grower.  She is an easy person to talk to and she offered some solutions I am checking out that will hopefully make ordering easier for my delivery customers.  During the market I visited with Jenn, the People’s produce manager and learned she personally has bought all of my strawberries to date.  I was so touched when she told me that, I think I blushed.  A rain storm patiently waited for the market to end and made it home to discover t-ball had been rained out. Finally some rain!

Thursday I made deliveries up into Nebraska and enjoyed lunch with some new friends Connie and Sandi.  It has been a long time since I sat and just talked with other women like that.  They are old friends and I sincerely appreciated being included.  I LOVE my life as a farm wife, but I have craved that type of female friendship for a very long time.  Thank you ladies! 

My deliveries are really taking off.  I have a t-ball mom Kristen who asked me to bring some things tomorrow night and three different customers had sent the contact information of their friends to my in-box.  Another offered to let me use her as a drop location for several others.  These four customers have helped me make contact with ten new customers.  I will have some special thank you gifts in their delivery bags this week! 

Friday the girls and I needed haircuts and did something we ENJOY.  We are treasure hunters and love thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets.  We visited some yard sales and a thrift store and SCORED!  Livie found a ruby bracelet and Autie found a sapphire one.  Yes they are as real as they need to be for little girls.  They are big and shiny and Fancy Nancy Fabulous.  Livie decided after spending months growing out her hair to cut it all off and she has the cutest pixie haircut!  Autie has her page girl haircut and said she wants to be a pixie too.  I renamed hers the squirrely top.  Autie is happier.

 I am looking for a van for my business and while at one car lot we saw what we would LOVE to have as our delivery truck…a vintage truck from the 1940’s.  I need something that will not make me cry when it gets scratched.  Friday night was t-ball and Livie looked good at the catchers mound and yes she was the one who skipped to the bases.  I could not help but laugh.  A little pizza at the local pizza shop and we came home in time to get ready for bed. 

I also FB chatted with another friend who’s name I will omit but S you are in my constant prayers.  May God’s strength be yours. 

This morning I busied myself picking peas, mulberries and mignonette strawberries.  These are my ugly, but tasty berries I cannot convince myself to take to market.  I picked a lot of them and may take a basket and see what happens.  They are SOOOO ugly but WOW they are sweet.   I checked on our apricot tree, but not yet.  I also checked my green beans and squash and not yet.  Tom watered our sweet corn and YES we will have sweet corn BEFORE July 4th so if you want some for the holiday reserve yours today!  There will be a waiting list!!!! 

This afternoon I am working on my featured item for tomorrow at the Old Cheney Road Farmers Market.  I am introducing tabouli kits complete with the fresh parsley, mint, onions and tomatoes and the bulgur wheat and seasonings needed to complete the dish.  All you will need to do is supply the olive oil and lemon juice.  This is an amazingly simple dish that is soo good.  If you have a potluck this summer I highly recommend this one and I will have everything you need for this dish for the rest of the summer!  Now I just need to figure out how to grow lemons and olives in Kansas!!!  I need to thank another friend Kelsie for introducing me to this recipe. 

Mint, parsley and cilantro are three herbs I will have in large volume all summer long and would love to sell more of each week.  In the morning I will have a few herb plants and the last of my hanging baskets, farm fresh eggs, peas, tomatoes, mint, parsley, Swiss chard, mixed loose leaf, cilantro, some beets, beet and collard greens, onions, mulberries and maybe some mignonette strawberries and who knows maybe a few surprises I have yet to find.  I will also have sprigs of sage, tarragon, spearmint and some bouquets of this year’s wheat.  

On the way home I plan to go by Open Harvest in Lincoln, NE.  Open Harvest is a natural foods store that is very supportive to the local agricultural community.   I hope to be in need of more bulgur and want to visit with someone about possibly selling through them.  We will see.   I will confess natural food cooperatives are new to me, but they are wonderful stores.  The two I am aware of are ALSO very supportive of local farmers and that is a welcomed departure from the traditional stores.  If you have allergies or other issues they are also wonderful places to shop.  They have items available you simply cannot find anywhere else and did I mention they support local farmers! 

Tomorrow night Autie will go to her second blast ball practice game and Livie will have a make up game.  

My thoughts of gratitude I hope could be found throughout this post.  I am grateful for the new customers and their willingness to help me find more customers.  The fact they were willing to suggest me to their family and friends tells me they have confidence in my produce.  That is a really good feeling.  I am grateful for rain and cooler weather and most of all I am grateful for the friendship that has been extended to me.  I know this post was long and hopefully not too boring, but it was filled with so many wonderful things.  I did not want to leave anything out.  Gratitude. 

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