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So we enjoyed our first tomato of the season today.  Yes it is May… the same weather that is causing problems with my strawberries is ideal for tomatoes. Due to the heat, I will not have any strawberries for sale this week and I fear they are going to be slow to rebound.  It was a smaller tomato and the girls were home and everyone had a quarter.  Even my Autie had to have a piece.  To be honest I think the fact that is was small sold it.  Livie liked it so much she decided to inspect the rest of the plants and low and behold our tomato had three other friends.  It is only a matter of time.  My day was a busy one.  I finished planting eggplant, peppers and okra today.  Monday will be dedicated to artichokes, collard greens and some Brussels sprouts.  It will also be spent starting our fall squash, some later summer squash, cantaloupe and tiger melons.  Tuesday I will tackle my herb garden and it will not be pretty!    

I am feeling pretty good about my depth this year.  I am offering more items along with more variations of the same.  For me this is good!  Most customers are looking for something very specific and they are usually coming to my booth because they have not found it elsewhere.  I guess I am becoming the place where all the odd stuff grows.  I don’t mind the reputation so long as they remember that I bank on sweet corn, green beans and tomatoes!  J

Something I am trying new this year is lemon grass.  I planted a couple and I had to know… I broke off a blade and chewed and yes lemony.  I think it will make a wonderful tea.  I will have to try blending it with my chamomile as well as on its own.     

Livie’s tooth is wiggly, but still intact.  She told me at bedtime last night that she was a little nervous about losing her tooth.  I tried to comfort her the best that I can and say it will all be okay, but she is like her mother something new is always a little unsettling.  She just needs to have it happen and learn it will be okay.   

It is nearly 1:00 a.m. and my Autie is still tossing and turning.  That she also gets that tendency from her mother.  I hope to see you in the morning!  The weather should be near perfect and the produce is picked, washed, packed and ready for sale. 

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