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T-Ball Season is Here & We Are Gearing Up For Mother’s Day Weekend!

Livie after just one practice is hooked!  She loved visiting with the other girls and considering it was her first time looked pretty good in the short stop position.  She was not going to let that ball get past her!  She just might be a natural.  Autumn enjoyed visiting with the younger sisters of some of the players and I think ran 30 laps around the ball diamond. Tom and I do not stop for very many things and I can honestly say we rather enjoyed T-ball too! 

Today I am busy potting up more herbs, veggie plant starts, and flowers for my big Mother’s Day weekend sale and getting ready for tomorrow’s deliveries.  I have to brag, I have some WONDERFUL looking lettuce…  loose leaf, Romaine,, red Romaine, butter crunch, radicchio.  I also have parsley, cilantro and for a lucky few STRAWBERRIES. 

Mother’s Day weekend is our BIG weekend for our plants and hanging baskets.  You will have to come see to believe what we have.  We have a nice assortment of zinnias, marigolds, petunias, toucan tango, herbs of all types, tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, broccoli AND really too much to list. 

Our hours this week will be:

Tuesday – 1p.m. – 4:00 p.m. & 5:30 – 7:30 .m.

Thursday – 1p.m. – 4:00 p.m. & 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday – Morning By Appointment- BUT PLEASE CALL!!!! 

Friday – 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. & by appointment that evening (T-ball practice) 

Saturday – 9:00 a.m. – Noon and by appointment all afternoon

You will also find at the following farmers markets:

Wednesday – Manhattan Farmers Market in Cico Park in Manhattan, KS

Saturday – Manhattan Farmers Market in Manhattan, KS at 5th & Humboldt

Sunday – Old Cheney Road Farmer’s Market in Lincoln, NE 

We hope you will visit us at one of our locations this week!  To all the mothers…Enjoy Your Day! And take stock in your life’s blessings. 

My gratitude for the week is that when God was handing out babies he seemed to know that I needed the two best ones.  He knew I needed one with dark red hair and a smile that lights the dark who is as tender hearted as her mother but also filled with tremendous joy.  He knew I needed a little one with copper colored hair who is as stubborn as me but is a friend to every toad, kitten and chicken on the farm.  Finally He knew I needed a husband who sees the role of father and husband as a privilege and who willing and generously gives his time and love to the three of us.  Blessed is not a big enough word to describe the song in my heart.    

Sunday evening my girls will treat me to my annual picnic in the pasture AND I CAN’T WAIT.  We spread out the blanket, sometimes fish and enjoy a turkey sandwich loaded with beet greens...  Don’t worry… if it rains the picnic will be moved to our living room where we will play our indoor fishing game!  This year I have a special treat for my girls.  At the tender ages of 5 and 3 they have helped me so much these past few weeks, watering and even suggestive selling plants to some of our on farm visitors.  You know, my Livie has a 100% close rate.  Nobody seems to be able to tell her no.  Autie occupies the children who visit and is the official greeter to everyone.  She will also keep our puppy Reba from causing trouble.  She will gladly show you the best spots to get really dirty.  I love that kid.  I love both of my girls.  I have two kitty planters they think I have for sale but are already been SOLD.  Sunday I am filling each with their favorite flowers.  One will have orange marigolds to be sure and I bet Livie picks something purple. I want to thank them for giving me so much.  Gratitude. 

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