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The Blessings of an Early Spring!

For those of us who took advantage of the early spring we are now reaping the rewards.  It is April 21 and I picked enough strawberries to feed the four of us for a bedtime snack.  I also photographed the first tomato of the season that is small and still green, but as I looked I found several others and then there are hundreds of flowers.  Yes at L’Ecuyer Gardens we will soon enjoy a fresh, vine-ripened tomato on our salad.  Did I mention that the cucumbers will not be far behind? 

We did not gamble on the entire crop, but we have enough that were planted early that we will definitely continue to rule the tomato kingdom.  The best part after careful selection the ones planted the earliest were also heirloom varieties so we will enjoy tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!!!!! 

We still have plenty of tomato, herb, pepper and plants available.  We are also harvesting several types of lettuce, greens Swiss Chard, and spinach.  We have farm fresh eggs too … both chicken  and guinnea eggs. 

And then there are the flowers….  I have a nice selection of strawberry pots filled with yummy berry plants.  I also have herb pots, hubby’s beautiful planters filled with unique and showy succulents.  We have several styles of hanging baskets and the ability to bring your own containers and design your on floral masterpiece for the season.  Whether you are look for Mother’s Day or for yourself you will find our selection to offer tried and true and the unusual at the same time! 

We are super excited that the farm market season is just around the corner.  We are busy getting things ready for what will prove to be a hectic season to be sure!  Beginning next week our plants will be for sale through the Old Cheney Road Farmers market in Lincoln, NE.  We are also making weekly deliveries to People’s Grocery in Manhattan, Kansas and over the next two weeks will begin participating in their Wednesday farmers market.  On Tuesdays we will be at the St. Peter & Paul Lutheran Church farmers market in Lincoln. 

For those who are in route to these markets we also offer a custom ordered delivery to your door.  We already have several customers lined up in the Beatrice, NE and Marysville and Manhattan, KS.  If you would like to be included NOW is the time to jump in.  L’Ecuyer Gardens is small.  We only grow what we can effectively manage and sell ourselves so we do not offer an endless supply of anything BUT we still have room for your family.  Our family knows how important it is to stretch every dollar to its fullest.  We also believe that eating healthy and fresh should not wreck the family budget.  We offer outstanding quality, taste and fair prices.  There is still room for a few more, but reserve your spot! v
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