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We Were Expecting Rain

We thought it was going to rain… 

… but it did not.  Today is windy but still dry and at this point it is likely our chance for rain has passed.  Because we thought it was going to rain we busied ourselves with a few early plantings.  Yesterday was dedicated to peas.  I have to confess peas are my favorite fresh from the garden treat.  I have always loved them and strangely enough neither of my girls are fans.  However I am hopeful this year I can sneak a few into their diet by simply making a few varietal changes.   In addition to your standard sweet pea we are also planting two types of snow peas – the golden sweet snow pea (yellow) and the Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers purple pea.  We are also planting sugar snap peas and later this fall we will offer standard green snow peas. 

When planting peas it is mandatory we also plant potatoes and onions.  On our farm it is a matter of law these things must happen together.  I am trying several new varieties of onions this year.  In addition to the standard yellow onion we will also plant leeks, Texas early white, Candy Yellow, Big Daddy, Redwing, Cippolini, Red Marble Cippolini, Red Tropea, and Tokyo White Green bunching onions.  I almost forgot shallots and chives.  All total we will plant more than 2000 onions throughout the spring and summer.  That is a lot and at times it can be a challenge finding room for everything but thankfully onions are good companions for several other crops and do not take up very much room. 

Potatoes are another matter entirely we will mostly plant red cobbler potatoes and a white fingerlings.  We will save plenty of room for sweet potatoes.  This year I am planting a few white yams to see if they are as tasty as their cousin. 

This morning I transplanted several varieties of tomato plants and broccoli romanesca plants into larger pots and continued moving plants out to our cold frame.  I have a lot waiting to be planted and the next few weeks will be very busy as we work to get everything in the ground at the proper time.  Other things started include radicchio, parsley, Romaine lettuce and Swiss chard as well as three varieties of tomatoes – the Black Krim, Beefsteak and the great white.  At this point I have 30 varieties of tomatoes at various stages of growth and I have several people asking for my complete list so they can book some of their favorites before they are gone. 

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