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This is sooo scary!

Okay, this is sooo scary.  Not what I'm going to write, but the fact that I am writing at all.  As most of you know, we do lots to keep up with technology, in terms of email ordering and enewsletter, but this is different.  Blogging to me is just different.  I guess I'm just showing my age.  As the farm has gotten busier, I have had less time to do our enewsletter.  I hope I can manage to blog consistently enough to keep everyone who is interested up to date.

Even though we are coming into Winter, there are still lots of things going on at the farm.  I keep trying to figure out when my slow season is, so I can be sure to get my "rest" in.  The pastured poultry is slowing down with the cold weather coming in.  We will finish up our Thanksgiving turkeys next week and then we will just have the egg layers through the Winter.  Just as the chickens are slowing down, our tunnels are picking up.  I probably have 800 to 900 heads of lettuce and other things in various stages of growth.  Somebody needs to eat a lot of lettuce!

 We have new baby pigs again.  Bubbles and Sweetie Pie are the proud mothers of 12 new Berkshire piglets.  Last time they had piglets they were born a day apart.  This time it was 36 hours apart.  Close enough that the piglets don't seem to have a preference on which Mom is which.  Whoever is available with a meal is fine for them.

Oh, the kids are doing well too.  Look for Katie's Holiday Card when you visit the Galaxy of Lights this year. 



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