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Sowing seeds now!

Beets, Carrots, Radishes, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Kale, Mesculan Lettuce mix have all been sown directly in the garden.  Tomatoes, Eggplant, hot and sweet Peppers, Rhubarb, have been started indoors.  Looking forward to the last frost so we can really get going with our veggie and herb growing.

Eleven goat babies have been born this year!


Planting and Sowing for Fall

Today in the Salad Gardens we direct sowed from seed: Misticanza, Arugula, India Mustard, Sorrel, and Swiss Chard.  A new batch of salad cucumbers plants, that we started from seed, were put in also.

In the main garden went some cabbage and cauliflower plants.  We've pulled out all the old cucumbers and the new ones will be ready in about 30 or so days.

The fall green beans are looking nice.  The fall squash is already producing.  The canning tomatoes are coming along nicely.

Just a few more weeks and all our favorite fall crops like beets and carrots wil have their turn to go in!


Roma's Planted!

Planted 32 Roma tomato plants this morning.  These were the ones we started from seed a while back.  These should be ready to harvest this fall.  Canning tomatoes in the fall is nice, because it doesn't get so hot!

We spread some lime and organic fertilizer down, tilled it in, set our end posts, laid out the soaker hose, laid down the weed cloth barrier, set in the middle posts, and attached the cattle fencing for a trellis.

Then this morning we cut slits in the fabric for the planting holes.  Dug the holes, set the plants in deeply, and watered them in well.  Mulched with straw, and enclosed the whole thing with chicken wire so the rabbits and chickens will not eat the plants.

Lord willing we wil have a nice harvest in a couple of months!



Roma Tomatoes

Started twenty new Roma tomatoes from seed today.  Lord willing, we should have some nice tasting paste type tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce with this fall.  The Roma's take about 75-90 days to ripen.  They are an determinate vine.  That means the fruits become ripe at around the same time.  Which is good when your trying to do your canning all in one fell swoop.

Roma's are an open pollinated variety, which means you can save their seed for next year.  Here is a website dedicated to information about the Roma tomato:  www.roma-tomato.com

Here is a recipe for tomato-basil soup:  http://dinnercoop.cs.cmu.edu/dinnercoop/Recipes/karen/TomatoBasilSoup.html

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend!




Ordered Tractor

Ordered our tractor today!  We will be able to do so much more with our farm now.  Just have to find a tiller next.

Weeded among the sweet potatoes today.  The grean beans I just picked yesterday look like they are ready to pick again!  How can they grow so fast?  Fertilized all the citrus trees, salad beds, and strawberries with organic emulsion.  Strawberries are already starting to put on runners.  It's really hard to wait three months to let the blossoms form fruits.  I want strawberries now!

The tractor should be delivered tommorow.  Yeah!


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