MD Sunrise Farm, LLC

  (Gambrills, Maryland)

Honor Our Mother

It's easy to think of land stewardship as the sole province of those who own land.  Looking deeper into our individual connection with the earth, this is the source of life for our physical bodies and, as such, it benefits each of us to make a personal connection with at least a small patch of earth.  It could be just a postage stamp size yard, or the vacant lot you pass in your travels, or a public park - whatever - take some time to say a blessing and express gratitude to the earth that sustains us all.  Take the time to watch the same piece of earth through enough seasons and years to know what plants grow there and you will find yourself greeting their seasonal return with the warmth of friendship.  When you know the earth as a living being, stewardship will blossom within you as naturally as the plant emerging from the seed.  With the coming of warm weather it's fun to find a grassy spot, take your shoes off, close your eyes and feel the earth breathing beneath your feet.  Thank you Mother Earth!
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