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Changes, Big Changes

Finally, I find myself ready to tackle trying to get our status updated on all the web sites having to do with the ranch.  Regretfully, the 4B is no more.  Dan and I have moved, and are now living in Florida, in town.  All our lovely critters have been re-homed except Maily the beagle, she is still with us.

This past year has been a wild ride.  Kind of like trying to hang on to one of our bucking bred cattle.  We lasted the 8 seconds though and now have landed, and we're trying to get a bead on our new surroundings.  My head is still spinning though.  For anyone else dealing with the cattle market, farm sales, short sales, and Fannie Mae- you have my sympathy. 

I am learning what grows in my new climate and experimenting on a small scale with hydroponics and aeroponics.  It is amazing to be growing peppers and chard outside still at this time of the year.  We should have Michigan maple syrup- B grade again for sale in a few more months. 

We are thinking about getting calves from some of our cattle and in a year or so setting up with just a couple head down south here.  We both really miss the cattle, chores, the chickens, cats and donkeys and our big garden. But, we are also enjoying being able to travel together after being so tied down the last many years with the ranch.

I am writing, working on the sequel to Funny Farm and a murder mystery.  Hope to start making some real progress now that we are getting situated.  for those of you who follow my blog, I will try to be more faithful about posting news.  Thanks for your attention!   My biggest news is that Red Baroness just delivered a beautiful white heifer calf with brown freckles.  She and Cali Rae, and White Lightning are now at Hanging Tree Bucking Bulls in North Carolina.





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