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Babe and Fidel the Daily Dog- Rooster Battle

This entry will start with a disclaimer.  It is about the daily dog-rooster battles that occur at our ranch. Please do not contact us to complain that this is cruel to the animals.  Neither the dog or the rooster has ever seriously injured the other and this battle has been going on for at least six months now. We do not pit them against each other.

Each day either the blue heeler- Babe, or the Buckeye rooster- Fidel will lie in wait for their foe, behind the woodpile, on the other side of the chicken coop, around a bale of hay until the other competitor comes along and then pow!  The fray begins.

 Each round lasts about 3-5 minutes and both rooster and heeler sometimes win depending on the day- which means the other backs off from the fight and seeks shelter. We have many roosters but only Fidel goes at it with Babe.  And she does not antagonize the other roosters, just Fidel.


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