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Craving Calves

Though it was still below zero last night, today is it a screaming sunny day and all the cows and bulls are less interested in eating today, than they are in sun bathing.  There is a frenzy of grooming going on out in the pasture.  I helped by brushing everyone who wanted brushing this morning, and got lots of mud off some of those big round bellies.  the ice shells have even melted off the donkeys.

If we have too many more days like this, I will start to believe that spring really is on its way.  Dan has been mooning around saying that he is ready for new calves to come. Last years babies are so big they are not really calves anymore. They are looking more and more like yearlings.  One of the farm catalogues arrived with a picture of a red Mom and newborn on the cover and that had us cooing and getting all nostalgic for calving.

 We have a bit to wait this year because we bred a bit later to try to assure that the last of the ice and snow would be gone by the time the calves started to drop.  That means we have to be patient though and it won't be till May instead of April for our first ones to arrive.  So two more months, instead of one at this point.  Ah, well, we can make it.

We will have chicks, ducklings and baby turkeys very soon so we will have some little one to help mark the arrival of early spring.  As far as chickens go, we are going to start Buckeye's this season as well as Auracanas and Buff Orphingtons.  I am going to try to breed the Buckeyes as they are endangered. 

We have not had a breeding flock before so that will be a new endeavor for us. They will go in the trailer and out in the enclosed back pasture, so we hope they will be a bit more protected from predators. They will have the cows and Time Bandit to defend them.  And my gun is cleaned and ready.

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