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MIss Cali Rae, Media Sensation

Imagine my amazement when I opened my newsletter yesterday, and there was my baby girl, Cali Rae- bucking the lights out.  I figure there are going to be folks out there who are not familiar with bucking bred cattle and so am posting this entry to make sure you all know that these animals are not made to buck, they are bred to buck and then treated so well that they feel wonderful, and demonstrate their athletic abilities with little encouragement.

 Cali Rae is the first calf to be born here are the 4B Ranch.  That was two and a half years ago now.  The photo in the Jan 22, 09 newsletter was taken at Buckin Buckley last June when we bucked all our unbred females to make sure they had the athletic ability and temprament for this sport.  They had only a flank rope looped around their hips, which they were easily able to kick off in 6 seconds.

 Professionally, only bulls are bucked as females are more valuable for breeding. They have two ropes placed around them, neither fastened both looped and the rider has one in his hand- it comes off when he lets go.  The flank rope like you see in the picture of Cali is fastened with a loop with a couple of inches of slack in it when pulled.  If itis too tight it usually discourages bucking.  Some bulls do best without a flank.  You have to know your animal to get the best performance.

 If anyone has questions about the sport or care of bucking bred cattle, feel free to contact me or add a comment here.  We don't use whip, cattle prods, drugs or beating on our animals.  They are our companions and we love them and their amazing athletics.

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