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Noisy Day and Nights

All the calves have been rounded up and moved into the weaning enclosure so the days and nights have been noisy here at the ranch.  We apologize to the neighbors! 

The five little ones in the back are still sharing fence-line contact with their dams and sireso they have not had such a hard time.  We do prefer to fence-line wean but we are also limited by the amount of pasture speace we have too.

The three white girls from up front have been moved to the calf pen in the back so they have been yelling the loudest.  Their mother's were fairly calm through the process, Since Lady Joy is nearly as big as her Mom, Nessa was well ready to leave off nursing.  But the daughters were not very happy.  We discovered that they all have deep, low voices and Ruthie in particular sounds like she is caught between a belch and a barf when she bellows.  Wow- I wouldn't want to wander into that animal in the dark, not knowing what it was!

We make sure the calves are all fat and healthy, and keep them warm at night when we wean.  We actually use the opportunity to accustom them to the trailer at the same time by having them sleep in it filled with straw. From weaning forth we have no trouble getting our cattle to load up.  They have fond memories of the trailer.  This comes in handy when we have to move or transport them.

It usually takes about three days for all the crying to stop.  We are about there so if you live on W. 8 Road, you should get a good night's sleep soon.

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