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Winter Sets In

Welcome winter!  As I write this the first snow of the season is falling.  I can't say we are ready, but it sure is exciting anyway.  We still have to finish winterizing the water lines and getting the shelter up for the back pasture herd.  Dan also needs to finish his heat-er-ator, our combination wood, cow pie burner that we plan to use to heat the house and garage.  I have been collecting and storing cow patties and am ready to start feeding them in there.

We've gotten two of the three heifer calves separated from the breeding herd but Dream Girl busted her way back out of the trailer and so she still needs to be caught and moved up front into Red Baroness's group. Our herd sire Time Bandit has done a good job and all the females in his herd appear to be bred.  We look forward to his calves arriving about May 2009.

 This means we should have cattle for sale about this time next year.  that will be an exciting transition for this operation.  We sold one bull calf this year but 2009 will really be the first year we have a calf crop up for grabs.

We still have compost available for anyone wanting to topcoat a garden bed.  It is great loamy black stuff.  It will be available until the ground freezes or it gets too muddy to drive in to load it.  Remember though, we are low tech here at the 4B and loading is a human labor process.  No tractors or end loaders here.

It will be nice when we get everything done and are down just to the routine feeding and cleaning up chores.  then we can enjoy the quiet of the season and start storing up energy and ideas for the improvements to come in the spring and summer.


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