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Our new calf

Last month (Oct 13), one of our new Guernseys (Edie) had her calf - a heifer who we named Eyebright.  She's 4 wks old now, and doing quite well.  Yesterday (Nov 9),  Dandy - our other new Guernsey, had her calf - another heifer who we've named Dilly.  Both of the new mamas are relishing their new responsibilities.  They lick, feed and are always ready to defend their calf.  We are tickled to see the herd behavior that is developing.  When the time was right, the expectant mama picked a spot by herself, and the others all stayed clear.  After the birth, mama allowed Megan to get close -including petting the calf,  but the animals were chased off.  After a few days, Edie let the other cows approach Eyebright, and eventually they even took turns babysitting.  It will be interesting to see Dandy's mothering style.  Dilly was born at 2:00 pm, so she's not a full day old yet.  We will have to wait and see.
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What cute calves!! It's going to be pretty neat to watch the two of them grow together and play. When Eyebright was born, I wasn't here yet, it was ten at night. When I got here at about eleven, Edie was cleaning the little her off, mooing in a mommy tone. When Dilly was born, I had been in the house and looked out to find we had a second calf! She had just been born, so I went out to see how Dandy was doing. Both Dandy and Edie let me walk up to their babys and pet them. They also let me help the calves get to that milk more quickly than they would have with no intervention. It is wonderful to have gained the trust from these girls which allows me to handle their calves.

Posted by Megan on November 10, 2008 at 01:11 PM MST #

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